The Market Feasibility Analysis is Most Important

Assisted Living Market Feasibility Studies – We are professional Market Analysts. One of the very first and most critical steps you should take is to obtain a Market Study. The Study will identify the number of units that the market can support. This is crucial to your success and is required by most lenders, investors and buyers.
The Assisted Living Market Study identifies the drawing market, the eligible residents and the competition. It recommends the number of units, mix and size, amenities and services that should be offered, the rents to be charged, the total square footage of the building including common area and an estimate of how long it will take to fill. This is all in the context of finding the “elbow room” in your market place sufficient to being able to compete and be successful. Ask us for a proposal to see what our report will contain, including costs. We have been doing professional market analysis studies since 1992 all across the U.S. and now in several foreign countries.

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A Preliminary Market StudyIf you are not sure a project is viable in your area, we have a low-cost solution for you…………. From our extensive data base, we can pull in the numbers to see how much “elbow room” there is available for new units in your market area. We will qualify the population by professional standards and then compare the demonstrated need to the available competition. This gives you a rough view of the available elbow room needed for potential success of your project. This is what you need in order to decide if its worthwhile to move forward. . . or not.  All this for much less money. If you decide to proceed, we will deduct this cost from the full written market report which you, and most lenders need. Ask us about cost.

Assisted Living Options – If the market study looks positive, where do we go from here? Have you developed a Business Plan? Understand your options? Consulted the regulatory authorities?  Visited the competition?  Considered your financing? Would you like to talk to our financial expert? Do you want to convert an existing building?  Is that going to be feasible? Is your site strategic? Do you need more equity? Would you like us to see if we can find investors for your project? What are your long range goals? Have you thought about an exit strategy?

Architects, Builders/Developers, Management – Would you like our assistance to locate experienced professionals?

Assisted Living Business Opportunities – Want to Buy, Sell or Invest in Senior Housing? Please see our BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES page.

Assisted Living for SaleThey come in all sizes, packages and locations including Independent, Assisted or Memory Care, small or large, well-established or filling up, distressed or successful, shovel ready projects, or bare land. Some of these are posted on our Business Opportunities page. Others you will need to ask us directly.  Please let us know what you are looking for, the areas that are acceptable to you and what will fit your needs financially. We keep tabs on a lot of projects around the country.

Assisted Living Financing Needed – Are you looking for equity or debt investors for your project? What have you got that will appeal to these investors? Do you have an Executive Summary and a Market Study?

Assisted Living Investment Opportunities Are you looking for a passive investment? Active partnership/management?

Need an equity partner? Want ownership but not management? Let us know your situation, needs, wants and requirements. We are discreet facilitators in connecting people and situations. Having been in the marketplace for so many years, we know a lot of people.